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        Mobile Checkout Solution – DIGI Shop&Go

        Brings exciting new value to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores

        Shoppers scan items with their smartphone as they shop. After finishing, they can immediately check out at a dedicated self-payment station. Shoppers get the value that a brick-and-mortar store can offer and that online shopping doesn't have.


        1. 將結賬等待時間縮至最短
        2. 使每天的現金調整合理化

        Self-checkout pioneer DIGI brings you the next generation in mobile checkout

        This video introduces DIGI Shop&Go, the ultimate mobile checkout solution that eliminates checkout lineups by letting shoppers scan items as they shop.

        Busy shoppers can significantly reduce their shopping time

        Items are scanned and placed in the shopper’s own carrying bag while shopping, eliminating the need for cash register input and bagging after checkout. With no need to line up at the cash register, checkout time is dramatically reduced, going from 11 minutes down to just 30 seconds. In an attitude survey done by DIGI, around 60 percent of consumers answered that “When shopping at a supermarket, I really don't like having to wait in the checkout line for a long time.” And so we designed a system that meets these shoppers’ needs. Of course, in addition to cash, DIGI Shop&Go also accepts cashless payment.

        Solves issues with self-checkout

        Works seamlessly with our scales and Info Tag (ESL) products to handle fresh produce and items sold by weight. So, there is no inconvenience for shoppers. 
        Also, you can closely monitor the area where payment stations are located, and take advantage of the comprehensive set of loss prevention measures that are included.

        Simple and Intuitive. Easy-to-Use Dedicated App

        Shoppers download an easy-to-use dedicated app that has an elegant user interface. With ease-of-use as the top priority, the app incorporates handy features that are helpful to both the shopper and the store. The app displays a running total of the scanned items, so the shopper can relax and know they are on budget.

        Open platform that's also economical

        DIGI Shop&Go is a cloud-based solution that works with the store’s existing POS system through a Web API. As a pay-for-use system billed monthly, one can start with as little as a single store for one customer. And there is no need to make changes to the checkout operation.


        工作時間: 08:45~17:15 (周一 ~ 周五)

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